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Meet our Staff!
We have the best staff in the child care industry right here in Ammon!  They are all home-grown wholesome and have the same focus on traditional values that YOU do.  Come and meet them! 
Note: The children are taught to greet their teachers in genteel "Southern style."  Mrs., Ms. and Miss all sound like "Miss" - followed by the teachers' first name.  In other words - kids call Ms. Beccka "Miss Beccka."  They address the director's husband as "Mr. Dave."  Don't be surprised if they learn to address you formally in the "Southern style" if you come and participate as an occasional volunteer. 



Discovery Center Director:  Ms. Sharon McGrath
Sharon worked the prior 10 years in special services as a speech and language pathologist in Districts 91/93.  She wrote the state grant for the IRI summer reading program and demonstrated full grade-step improvements in primary-ed level children by applying full-mind and active-body learning techniques.  She brings this passion and expertise to our center as the visionary and founding member.  She has two Masters degrees:  Fine Arts - Musical Vocal Performance (Lawrence University, WI) and Speech-Language Pathology ( Missouri State University).  She is a certified teacher in the State of Idaho. She is at a level 7 in the Idaho STARS Professional Development, this is the highest level in the progam. 
Teaching Staff
Discovery Center Lead Teacher:  Ms. Annette Fullmer 

Annette commutes in all the way from Sugar City to serve your children.  Coming from Sugar City makes her extra sweet.  She is a certified public school teacher in the State of Idaho but chooses to work with us because she likes the atmosphere and the class size.  She graduated from BYU-I with a BA in University Studies and Early Childhood Education.  If you want to experience some fun... come in and join Ms. Annette for the Chicken Dance and the Macarena at about 11:30 every day!  Then lunch, followed by some relaxing yoga - and then Ah!  a nap!  Ms. Annette is everyone's favorite.


Infant/Toddler Room Lead Teacher: Ms. Riki Park 

Riki grew up in Bear Lake - and is therefore a real-life Momma Grizzley (unlike some other posers out there)!  She's big and cuddly - and knows just how to make your babies feel safe and at home.  Her training is Early Childhood Development and is a state certified childcare provider.  Riki is the Center's secret ingredient to make new mothers feel OK about getting back to work - they know their babies are in good hands.

Teaching Staff: Miss Kathryn (Katie) Savage

Katie graduated from Hillcrest High School with honors and is a full-time student at ISU studying Early Childhood Development and Linguistics.  She has taught the kids German and Turkish - which made our recent Turkish exchange student feel right at home!  She also teaches American Sign Language.  With academic quality like this - you know your children are getting prepped for the major leagues: yep - Kindergarten!  Katie mainly supports the Infant/Toddler Room.

Teaching Staff: Ms. Sara Batdorff

Sara plays the cello!  She's a graduate of College of Southern Nevada (CSN) in English.  She will be finishing her Bachelor's in Elementary Education over the next four semesters at BYU-I.  She was a tutor for Gear Up  which consisted of teaching ACT and SAT prep clases for high schoolers as well as coaching students in their classes so they could graduate with their age group.  This program was geared toward low-income families who did not have the means to help their children move toward a successful graduation.  She has been teaching preschool for 3 years and we are very lucky to have her!