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About Us


We are a State certified Daycare/Preschool and Afterschool Program Center 
We are a dedicated team of child care professionals with years of experience and state certification.  We accept ICCP and are part of the Idaho STARS program.  
We emphasize healthy, active and interactive kids - TV IS ONLY FOR "NAP" TIME. We are here to support YOU - therefore we provide healthy home-made meals.
Company History
We incorporated in February 2010 and have painted and furnished our new quarters in Pepperwood Plaza.  We are currently working towards becoming a Charter School for PK-1st Grade.
Location: Ammon, Idaho

We are located in Ammon, Idaho - a bedroom community just East of Idaho Falls.  Our facility is across the street from the Ammon Sonic on 17th Street in the Pepperwood Plaza.
1619 Curlew Drive Suite #2
Ammon, ID 83406
Phone: (208) 524-7127

Fax:(208) 524-6118

Child Testimonials
This testimonial happened on Wednesday as mom brought Davin back THREE times:
"Mommy - I want see my new school again!" 
 "Mom, I want to go and see my new friends"
 "Come over here mom, we planted a garden!"
-Davin, 3 yrs old, of Ammon, ID
 "You have done so much for my Ellie, mom wants you to open a daycare in Texas!"
     - (Grandma) Nelle Lucas 1st Grade Teacher @ Woodland Hills
 "We blew out eggs and made a mess with Mr. Dave!"

"My kids come home happy and relaxed - I just love the care they take of my babies!"

 "We sang the ABC song in German"

"We love the Teachers and the Staff!  There is so much joy and energy there my daughter doesn't want to come home!"

"'B!' Are you kidding me?  We are on 'N' at Acorn - just send me back to my Daycare!"
Remi age 5 to his teacher @ public kindergarten.