2018 January Newsletter

Lil' Nutty ready to play!


Dear Families and Friends:


Happy New Year!  Let’s start out the new year with happiness and lots of learning fun.  This month we will be focusing on the new year and changes.  I hope the holidays treated you all well and look forward to another amazing year with your children.


January 1st: CLOSED 

ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE PAID TO CLOSE OUT THE YEAR! If you need to make arrangements, please talk to our Office Staff.

Tax forms will be handed out next week.




January is about exploring the “new”.  This month we will be working with snow, and water sensory.  We will also be teaching the kids some new songs and puppetry.


It’s going to be an awesome month!  We will be teaching the children about different traditions for the holiday, from around the World.  Be sure to ask your child what they talked about and check out all their crafts this month!


This month we will be exploring dinosaurs!  We will be doing dinosaur track painting, making dinosaurs eggs, and work with fossils in our sensory bins. We will also be talking about the different kinds of dinosaurs.  Our Letters: L, M, N,O.  Our Numbers: 11,12. Our shape is the star and our color is green.

THE TIGGER ROOM (Pre-Kindergarten):

We sure hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  This month your child will travel back to the age of dinosaurs.  The will dig in the dirt like a paleontologist, study rocks and build with bones.  Your child will stop like a triceratops, stretch their necks like a Brontosaurus, and show their sharp teeth like a T-Rex.  They will learn about Jurassic plants, climate and even experiment with an overflowing volcano! Letter: Ll, Ee, Vv.  Numbers: 9-10.  Color: Purple, Blue. Shape: Oval. Sight Words: Big, Go, Away.


Happy New Year!  This month we will be reading lots of books, and sharing our holiday experience.  We will be working on new sight words, and reaching for the stars!  Exploration is so important for our children, and this month we will be doing just that.  As some of you may know, I got married this past weekend. Because of this, I will be stepping down from teaching, but we will be announcing our new teacher next week.  I will make sure our new teacher is on board with all of the curriculum, and your child’s needs. 

ACA Little Rascal After School Program:

December was so much fun, but now it’s time to get back into a routine.  This month Mr. Tristan is planning some really cool science experiments for you, and Mr. Peter will be doing some new art techniques with the kiddos.  We are also tutoring some kids with math and reading.  If you have any special requests for your child, please come talk to us as we really want to see you kids achieve their highest potential.

In closing, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family.  January is about new goals, and a fresh start!  If you have any questions please talk to any of our staff members, and they will be happy to help!


Sharon McGrath
(208) 569-4694
Beccka Marley
(208) 524-7127



Tuition: Statements are available. If you would prefer us to email you your statement, please inform Beccka or someone in the Office. Remember when you pay by the 5th you receive a 5% discount. If you pay for 6 months upfront or a year we will give you even more of a discount, except ICCP participants (we are forbidden by law to discount ICCP accounts - we appreciate your understanding).

All tuition is due by the 10th of each month. Unless you have made special arrangements with Beccka we expect all families to comply. A $50 late fee will be added late accounts if there is a balance owed. We are NO longer carrying balances over 30 days. Accounts will be suspended until balance is paid in full.

TAX INFORMATION: Your childcare is tax deductible and that information is available to you in the office.

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