2017 November Newsletter

Lil' Nutty ready to play!


Dear Families and Friends:

It’s Turkey time!  This is a month to reflect what we are thankful for.  We will be teaching the children the meaning of Thanksgiving and why we celebrate it.  Check out the rooms for awesome crafts!



November 10TH: Veteran’s Day

November 23rd: WE ARE CLOSED for Thanksgiving

November 24th: BLACK FRIDAY We will be open, please sign your child up if you are coming so we can schedule appropriately!



We will be having a great month with the kids as we teach them the color yellow and learn our new Autumn song!  Be sure to grab their Halloween crafts so we can put up the new crafts we have planned!


First, we would like to thank our parents who volunteered, the children really enjoyed this!  This month we will be focusing on Thanksgiving.  We will have fun with dress up and dramatic play.  We will also be enjoying many Fall sensory and crafts.  Our letters are G, H, I.  Our shape this month is the circle.  Our numbers are 7 & 8 and our color is yellow!  We look forward to working with your children and we appreciate the patience you all have had as we have been dealing with the hand, foot and mouth craziness.  We have continued cleaning and disinfecting!


Thank you so much for all who volunteered at our Halloween Party!  This month our theme is Giving Thanks to all we have.  We will be talking about the history of Thanksgiving, we will be making so many fun crafts this month as well!  Our Preschool theme is Rainforest Adventure.  Our Letters are H, I, J, K.  Our Numbers are 8,9,10.  We will be focusing on the circle this month and review what we have already learned.

THE TIGGER ROOM (Pre-Kindergarten):

We sure appreciate our parents who helped out with our Halloween Party!!  This month our theme is Rainforest Adventure.  Your child will play and learn in a rainforest filled with chattering monkey and jumping frogs.  Watch for the awesome crafts we have planned.  Our sight words are you, come, in.  Our Letters are: Ii, Tt, Pp.  Our Numbers are 9 &10. Our shape is the Oval.  We will also be teaching them about the First Thanksgiving.  The kids are really catching on to sign language!!  We encourage you to learn with them! 


This month we will be learning about the First Thanksgiving, and we will be reading Stone Soup.  In math we will be focusing on composing and decomposing and getting into subtraction.  We have finished our first set of sight words and will be reviewing them over the next week.  In phonics we will be learning about blends and taking our first assessment on them.  A huge thank you for all that helped with the Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Party.  This month we will also be working on our Christmas Program.

ACA Little Rascal After School Program:

Science, Math, and Art are the amazing!  Your child will be doing lots of experiments and art this month after they are finished with their homework!  We will have a schedule up of our activities this month for you to see! Please let us know if you would like us to work with your child on a certain subject.  We would like to make sure they still have fun and have a chance to play with the others, so we appreciate your patience with us.

We would like to thank the families that helped out in the class rooms this month, the kids and teachers really enjoyed it!  Also, we appreciate your patience as we have been dealing with HFM virus.  We haven’t had a breakout like this before, so it’s not been fun for us. We worry about the children and are cleaning fanatics!


Sharon McGrath
(208) 569-4694
Beccka Marley
(208) 524-7127



Tuition: Statements are available. If you would prefer us to email you your statement, please inform Beccka or someone in the Office. Remember when you pay by the 5th you receive a 5% discount. If you pay for 6 months upfront or a year we will give you even more of a discount, except ICCP participants (we are forbidden by law to discount ICCP accounts - we appreciate your understanding).

All tuition is due by the 10th of each month. Unless you have made special arrangements with Beccka we expect all families to comply. A $50 late fee will be added late accounts if there is a balance owed. We are NO longer carrying balances over 30 days. Accounts will be suspended until balance is paid in full.

TAX INFORMATION: Your childcare is tax deductible and that information is available to you in the office.

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