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PROJECT 1: Math and Science


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Problem:  Children arrive at public school without a pedagogical foundation in mathematical concepts and relationships because parents Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Activitesare not trained in early childhood learning.  Acorn Children’s Academy has two degreed and certified teachers, but we still need updated equipment and pedagogical aids to engage children’s attention and imagination.

Solution:  Establish a cabinet full of products, equipment and activities which facilitate learning engagement with counting, relationship and mathematical (fraction and multiplication) concepts.  The cabinet should be lockable to ensure accountability of items and limit child access to items with small parts to time blocks of structured teacher instructional time.

Goal:  Children who complete a regular Preschool program will be ready to enter Kindergarten with the following skills:

  • Numbers
  • Count to 100
  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Understand Concepts and Follow Directions
  • Visual Discrimination and Touch
  • Light and Sound
  • Nature Exploration
  • Senses
  • Weights and measures
  • Date and Time
  • Sorting
  • Shapes
  • Magnetism


Item Link Price Ext
Discovery Table & Top Link 256.42 256.42
Sand Mills Link 13.49 13.49
Fish and Spell Link 15.99 15.99
Deluxe Marble Race Link 25.49 25.49
Hexie Snaps Link 32.99 32.99
Super Science Kit Link 83.99 83.99
Mirror Exploration Link 134.95 134.95
Root Vue Farm Link 27.89 27.89
Scents Sort and Match Link 37.99 37.99
Sensory Discovery Shelf In catalog 59.95 59.95
Balancing Bear Link 14.99 14.99
Bear Pattern Cards Link 9.99 9.99
My First Fractions Link 39.69 39.69
Giant Foam Pattern Blocks Link 11.99 11.99
Wooden Pattern Blocks Link 11.99 11.99
Pattern Block Cards Link 9.99 9.99
Mood Setters In catalog 60.00 60.00
Quiet Space In catalog 39.95 39.95
Lockable Cabinet Link 250.00 250.00
Total     1,137.74