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PROJECT 2: Music and Dance Discovery Cabinet


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Problem:  One of the costs of modernity has been the loss of cultural engagement with music.  Most music today is mass produced and then played from an electronic device.  People don’t even really sing any more.  From a creativity perspective this generation has functionally lost its link to “homemade” music - with all of its attendant joy as well as the associated skills: math, rhythm, dance, cooperation, attention, participation, voice, tone, pitch and attention to detail.

Solution:  Establish a cabinet chock full of quality instruments: percussion, string, winds.  Introduce musical concepts, explorations in sound and rhythm, and music making instruments.  Introduce children to their voices: tone, pitch and songs. Teach rhythm through drumming and percussion.  Teach dance and body syncopation and dance exercise.

Goal:  Children who complete a regular Preschool program will be ready to enter Kindergarten with the following skills: 

  • Reading - read music songs and basic score (treble cleft)
  • Math - counting and rhythm
  • Gross motor skills:
    o   dance
    o   balance
    o   hand/eye coordination
  • Comprehension: Concepts and Follow Directions
  • Sensory: hearing and feeling
  • Multicultural: regional and national musical styles and songs (e.g. Mexican Hat Dance, Irish Step Dance, Square Dance)
Project: Music and Dance Discovery Cabinet
Item Link Qty Price Ext
Busy Body Cards Link 1 19.99 19.99
Bean Bag Rock -n-Move Set Link 1 24.95 24.95
Handbell Set Link 1 45.95 45.95
Musical Scarves Movement Set Link 1 28.95 28.95
Jr. Percussion Set Link 1 29.99 29.99
Music Table Link 1 169.95 169.95
Used Piano from Piano Gallery   1 600.00 600.00
Children's Music CD Budget Teacher’s choice 6 12.00 72.00
Red Grammer Bebop Your Best Link 1 12.00 12.00
TOTAL       1,003.78