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PROJECT 3: Infant and Toddler Sensory Stations


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Problem:  Our Infant and Toddler Room has standard institutional carpet with double-thick padding, but the effect is rather industrial and drab.  Babies need bright contrasting colors and textures to stimulate senses and engage their developing imaginations.

Solution:  We’d like to step up our Infant and Toddler Room to make it visually delightful and engaging for our children (and for parents!).  The proposed components below will brighten up and bring sensory functionality to floors, walls, and update toys in our cabinets supporting sensory development and gross motor skills for our youngest students.

Goal:  Graduating toddlers will be ready with gross motor skills and exploratory attitude to participate in the older group’s Discovery Center.  Infant and toddlers will learn to be comfortable with, adjust to and engage with objects and situations around them.

  • Colors and sorting - able to identify colors through sorting
  • Math - by way of song and rhythm: counting (1 to 10)
  • Introduction to Letters - through song and movement and shapes
  • Fine and Gross motor skills:

o   dance

o   balance

o   hand/eye coordination

o   basic art/coloring and drawing

o   introduction to scissors

o   block stacking

  • Comprehension: Concepts and Follow Directions
  • Sensory: smelling, hearing and feeling
Project: Infant/Toddler Sensory Stations
Item Link Qty Price Ext
Soft Garden Mural Link 1 39.99 39.99
Sensory Surprise Box w/5 shapes Link 1 17.99 17.99
Baby Connects Link 1 22.79 22.79
Sensory Walk Link 1 169.99 169.99
Light/Sound Animals Link 1 26.99 26.99
Specialized Sensory Carpet In catalog 1 17.95 17.95
Easy Grip Puzzles (set of 8) Link 1 77.99 77.99
Maple building blocks Link 1 164.95 164.95
Pound and Roll Tower Link 1 18.99 18.99
Total       557.63