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PROJECT 4: Learning Floors: space, geometry, geography


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Problem: Children in public schools are shockingly unaware of spatial relationships, distance and patterns and geography (this includes first-year university students!).  Our floors in the Infant and Toddler Room and in the Discovery Center are drab.

Solution: Let’s solve the drab, industrial floor problem AND the geography, spatial relationship, distance and patters problem in America one school room at a time!  We have found some beautiful carpets that can be used as the basis for education as well as games and teamwork and brighten up the classroom all at the same time!

Goal: Our students getting ready for public school will understand the following concepts through strategic use of our floor coverings:

  • The 50 States of the Union
  • Where in the world is Ammon, Idaho? 
  • The 7 continents - Where is America?  Where is Africa?
  • Gross Motor Skills: Games based upon Shape and Color and Movement
  • Critical/Cognitive Thinking: Storytelling and games referencing shapes/colors underfoot
  • Time: Calendars
  • ABCs: Spelling and words
  • Cosmology: Discover the Solar System
  • Neighborhood Civics: Roads, rules, safety 
Project: Learning Floors: space, geometry, relationships, sensory
Item Link Qty Price Ext
Travelin' the USA Catalog only 1   370.88   370.88
World Explorer Link 1   430.88   430.88
Blocks of Fun Link 1   430.88   430.88
Calendar Link 1   360.88   360.88
Solar System Rug Catalog only 1   297.88   297.88
Neighborhood Carpets Link 1   471.88   471.88
Total         2,363.28